Friday, July 30, 2010

Caught in a storm

We were originally going to camp in Sedona (south of Grand Canyon) on our second day, but then got caught in some serious downpour in Flagstaff. Then, we used our handy internet stick to look up weather, and saw numerous flash flood warnings for the area. So, we decided to book it out of Arizona and go all the way to Albuquerque tonight to get a hotel instead! The lightening and crazy dark clouds were pretty entertaining though, and somewhat beautiful with all the red rock scenery we passed by. You can see how it was as we entered New Mexico in the top picture... what a welcome!


  1. See, that's why you guys should buy the inflatable beds that you put in a pool, so if a flash flood comes, you're set! Just ride it all the way down....... too extreme?

  2. well, why didn't you think of that before we left??

  3. It's okay, I think they took my huge blue rain poncho...memories of conan