Thursday, July 29, 2010

Night 1: Cataract Lake, Williams AZ

This is just south of the Grand Canyon, and conveniently off of the main highway! The town nearby is a former Route 66 stop off point, so the main street is lined with 1950's-era motels and diners. Pretty awesome...


  1. Hi Eran and Sarah,
    Tomer and Yael Agmon here, sitting at an internet cafe in Tel Aviv.
    Yael: "Eran ve Sarah, anee mekava she atem rroeem harrbee mekomot meanyeneem ve yafeem ve rroeem she achen ha olam yafee ve ha anasheem she atem pogsheem meanyeneem ve neemeem.
    (Eran and Sarah, I hope that you are seeing many interesting and beautiful places and are seeing that the world is great and the people that you are meeting are interesting and nice.)

  2. Yael:
    Lefee ha tmoona, neera she tov lachem, ve ani betoocha she tamsheechoo lehenot ve teeroo dvareem she lo yadatem she kayameem.
    Nesheekot me Tel Aviv ha hamaa ve retoova,
    -Yael Agmon
    (From the photo, it looks like you are having a good time, and I am sure that you will continue to enjoy and see things that you never knew existed.
    Kisses from Tel Aviv,

  3. Shalom Tomer ve Yael,
    Ha teeyool bentaim madheem, ve anachnoo rak itchalnoo et ha yom ha shleeshee meetoch shlosheem. Anchanoo meekavim she akol tov be Israel. Meetgaageim lahem meod.
    Arbe neshikot,
    Eran ve Sarah