Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Throughout our drive in Texas we had numerous encounters with all kinds of bugs. It began with the mosquitoes that preyed upon us when we camped by Amarillo. Our next campsite, between San Antonio and Houston also had mosquitoes, but an additional bug added to the irritation. There were some kind of crickets in the trees that chirped so loud that it sounded like helicopters were circling outside our tent. The next morning we found a visitor in our tent, that we are pretty sure was a brown recluse. We think it came in when we were setting up our tent, and temporarily had our bags laid out on the ground outside. It must of crawled on a bag, which we then brought into the safety of our tent. As we were packing up the next morning, Sarah found it hiding in a corner and I caught it in an empty orange juice container.

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  1. I would sincerely hope that wasn't a Brown Recluse. Some Google searches on the bites would explain why. Also looks a bit big to be one. =)