Friday, August 20, 2010

Wall Drug, South Dakota

All during our drive through west Minnesota and the entire state of South Dakota, we saw advertisement signs every few miles or so for a place called "Wall Drug," located near Mount Rushmore in western South Dakota. You can see some of these in our collage of them. This represents only a fraction of the signs that we saw during our eight-hour drive.

Since we had nothing else to do, we thought, "Hey, why not! Let's go to this 'Wall Drug' place." It is basically an old-west style drug store which now consists of several buildings selling mostly tourist items, home-cooked meals, and a few actual drug store items. It also has a courtyard with various games and other entertainment. You can see us in the courtyard, me on a jackalope and Eran on an old settler's wagon.


  1. that's no ordinary jackrabbit - that my friends is a jackalope! (note the characteristic antlers) few have seen this elusive creature alive.

  2. Oh boy, I was having so much fun at Wall Drug, I didn't even notice his antlers! hahaha... There were plenty of mounted taxidermied jackalopes for sale there, so they must be pretty plentiful in South Dakota ;-)

  3. thats some effective advertising