Friday, August 6, 2010

Made it to the Atlantic and...

We just got into Savannah, GA today, and decided to drive about 15 miles further east to get to the coast (of course, after driving across the whole USA, we had to get to the Atlantic coast and touch the ocean!). Check out what happened after Eran set up a self-made "video of us at the beach" to celebrate our arrival to the east coast... I was totally surprised!


  1. this video makes my cry. what an amazing proposal! such a genius idea to catch this moment on camera. way to go eran!!!

    so happy for you!! <3

  2. Yael:
    Mitrageshet, smeha, meusheret ...
    Veze lokeah oti behazara shishim shana.
    Kama tov lihiot tsair!
    Menasheket et shneihem umekava shetamshihu lehithabek ve lehitnashek.

  3. Tomer:
    Congrats! Welcome to the family Sarah!

  4. Yes!!! from all of us here in Israel.
    With lots of love,

  5. Thanks and toda to everyone for the kind words!!! We're really excited! :-D

  6. This video brought tears to my eyes! I love you both and I am soooooo happy for you!!!! :)

  7. Sarah and Eran!!!!!!

    Susie, Rusty and I just watched the video three times and cried every single time!!!

    Love you guys!!!

    Best news ever!!!

    Love, Mommy

  8. "What the heck?" Hahaha I love it! Congratulations!!

  9. oh my gosh I love you two so much. this was so cute and such a beautiful moment to capture!!! :) Sooo happy for both of you!!