Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Windy City

Today we spent the whole day in downtown Chicago. After nearly an hour in traffic and in the search for reasonably-priced parking, we went straight to a restaurant for Chicago's signature deep-dish pizza. From there we went to the Millennium Park to check out the now iconic "Cloud Gate" sculpture. The large, shiny bean-shaped thing is completely mesmerizing, and keeps visitors staring into the distorted reflection of the city. Those that walk underneath and look upward fall into a rabbit hole made of many distorted reflections of themselves.

Next we darted to the Willis (formerly known as the Sears) tower, and took the elevator up the the "SkyDeck" on the 103rd floor. There are four glass boxes that extend about three feet out of the side of the building. We were told that it is safe to stand in them, so we gave it a shot.


  1. you wore a very appropriate shirt for the SkyDeck, however all that practice free-falling is more or less useless without a parachute

  2. But due to all that practice, i would have known how to move forward, backwards, right, left, and even spin around in the air before I hit the ground.