Friday, August 27, 2010


Day 30: We have entered the Golden State again, and are heading back to unpack the car and return to school. We will both miss our road trip a lot. We have seen so much of the country and learned so much about the diverse landscapes, cultures, and history of the locations through which we drove. We also realized how little of the country we really did see. You can see the map that highlights our route and the places where we stopped. A narrow line around the country can only cover so much. And of the 1000+ pages of our tour book, we might have only read through about 100. That leaves more room for adventure! -Eran and Sarah


  1. what an amazing trip!! thanks for blogging so i could experience it along with you. glad youre back home :)

    so now i have just one question...
    california: great state or the greatest state?

  2. haha. well, California definitely wins in the category of weather and social ideologies. But in other areas it is not so clear... There is plenty of natural beauty in other states, and many have much more history and culture than CA.

  3. Yeah, basically every place had a positive point. It was awesome! Thanks for following us! :-)